He who fights with monsters should look to it

that he himself does not become a monster.

My name's Jeydon, I'm a fanboy and this blog is completely dedicated to Teen Wolf. I ship everyone with everyone because how can you not. Hoechlin's stupid smile and Dylan's fucking hands are going to be the death of me.

Scisaac Fan Mix 6 songs Dropbox

Scott and Isaac care, protect, and understand each other. They’re friendship turned into love.

1. As Long As It Takes- The Spill Canvas

If you let me catch a ride on your road to recovery
You can fall apart on me
Because I’ll be here as long as it takes
A remedy to steady your midnight shakes
I’ll stay here as long as it takes
As long as it takes to get it right

2. Putting The Dog To Sleep - The Antlers
You said I can’t prove to you
You’re not gonna die alone
But trust me to take you home
To clean up that blood all over your paws

You can’t keep running out
Kicking yourself off the bed
Kicking yourself in the head
Because you’re kicking me too

3. Where Does It Hurt - Alexz Johnson

When you open your heart
There’s always so much to lose
So far to fall
And nowhere to go when it’s through
But if you let me in
I won’t let you down
Put your faith in me

‘Cause whenever you crash
Wherever you land
That’s where I’ll be

And for every endless midnight
There’s a sky full of broken stars
And there’ll always be a place for you
Inside my arms

4. Come What May - The Scene Aesthetic

I’m a mess, I confess that I’m nothing without you
And there is nothing I can do to prove to you I’m being honest
Now I see, everything; and yes I’ve known it all along
I was so lost, but I’m back and I finally know now where my heart belongs

All this time I’ve spent without you by my side, I dreamt about you
Saw you through the windows in my mind
Carved a home for you deep down inside my chest
And I never want to lose such a big part of me again

5. Beside You - Marianas Trench

When you’re overwhelmed and you’ve lost your breath
When the space between the things you know is blurry nonetheless.
When you try to speak but you make no sound
And the words you want are out of reach but they’ve never been so loud

If your heart wears thin I will hold you up
And I will hide you when it gets too much
I’ll be right beside you
I’ll be right beside you

I will stay.
Nobody will break you

6. Hearts A Mess - Gotye

Your heart’s a mess
You won’t admit to it
It makes no sense

I’m desperate to connect
And you, you can’t live like this

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