Fake Boyfriend - PART 2 - You can read PART 1 HERE

Isaac was laying on his bed staring up at the ceiling, he had told Scott to meet him at his house after school so they could come up with a plan to make Allison jealous but he was late. Scott wasn’t one to be on time but it still bugged Isaac that he was taking his time to get to his house - “I thought Allison was important to you, Scott.” He whispered to himself, “But yet its taking you all damn day to get here.” He heard a soft chuckle from the door way of his room and quickly sat up on his bed staring at the familiar boy.

His mouth dropped open, would Scott be mad at him now? He stood up from his bed, he opened and closed his mouth several times as he tried to figure out what to say finally he mumbled out, “You’re late.”

Scott just smiled at him then walked farther into the room, “My mom had me pick up milk before I came over here.” He rolled his eyes, “And it’s not like this is a date so you don’t get to yell at me for being late.” Scott poked Isaac in the chest before sitting down on his bed.

Isaac turned around to face him, “Well I’m your boyfriend now so you could try to show up on time.” He teased his lips twitching up into a smirk when he said the word ‘boyfriend’

Scott rolled his eyes, “Fake boyfriend,” He corrected,”You aren’t really my boyfriend and even if I was gay you wouldn’t be my type.”

Isaac’s mouth dropped open again, “Are you just trying to offend me or are you picky about your type of men?” He sat down next to Scott on the bed.

Scott tilted his head to the side thinking about the question, “Hmm, both.” He stared at Isaac then his eyes lit up and Isaac was sort of expecting a light bulb to appear above the boy’s head, “Allison is going to a party Lydia is throwing tonight…. with that boy,” He said the words ‘that boy’ as if he was talking about a pile of shit that he had to get rid of, “We should go.”

Isaac’s eyes widened, “I’m not sure you know how to act like a good boyfriend yet.” He said messing up Scott’s hair which only annoyed him. Scott grabbed a hold of the boy’s hand and at first he was squeezing it so tightly that Isaac thought he could have broken his hand but eventually he lightened his touch and his thumb rubbed against the back of Isaac’s hand.

"Oh really?" His voice was teasing but yet the way he stared Isaac in the eyes was serious and challenging, "Then how would you like your boyfriend to act, Isaac?" He tilted his head to the side.

Isaac glanced down at their still in-twined hands and swallowed before glancing up at Scott and returning his challenging stare, “Well, Scott, You have to look at me like you actually have feelings for me and not like I’m just another dude on the lacrosse team.”

Scott smiled as if to say ‘okay, continue’

"And you have to be trying to make me like you back, just like when you make a move on a girl." Isaac’s voice shook lightly as he tried his best not to look down at their hands, "It’s really not that difficult but if you’d like to find someone else to help you get Allison back, you’re free to do so."

Scott shook his head, “No, I think I’m going to stick with you.” He stood up as he let go of Isaac’s hand. “The party is at eight, I’ll meet you there.” He smiled once more before leaving the boy’s bedroom.

Isaac laid back down on his bed and rolled his eyes when he realized how fast his heart was beating.

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